Chemical Resistance Chart

VG=very good . G=good . F=fair . P=poor (not recommended)

Chemical Latex Neoprene Nitrile
*Acetaldehyde G VG G
Acetic acid VG VG VG
*Acetone VG G P
Ammonium hydroxide VG VG VG
*Amyl acetate P F P
Aniline F G P
*Benzaldehyde F F G
*Benzene F F P
Butyl acetate F G P
Butyl alcohol VG VG VG
Carbon disulfide F F F
*Carbon tetrachloride P F G
Castor oil P F VG
*Chlorobenzene P F P
*Chloroform P G P
Chloronaphthalene P F F
Chromic acid (50%) P F F
Citric acid (10%) VG VG VG
Cyclohexanol F G VG
*Dibutyl phthalate P G G
Diesel fuel P G VG
Disobutyl ketone F P P
Dimethylformamide F F G
Dioctyl phthalate P G VG
Dioxane G VG G
Epoxy resisns, dry VG VG VG
*Ethyl acetate F G F
Ethyl alcohol VG VG VG
Ethyl ether G VG G
*Ethylene dichloride P F P
Ethylene glycol VG VG VG
Formaldehyde VG VG VG
Formic acid VG VG VG
Freon 11 P G G
Freon 12 P G G
Freon 21 P G G
Freon 22 P G G
*Furfural G G G
Gasoline, leaded P G VG
Gasoline, unleaded P G VG
Glycerine VG VG VG
Hexane P F G
Hydrochloric acid G VG G
Hydrofluoric acid (48%) G VG G
Hydrogen peroxide (30%) G G G
Hydroquinone G G F
Isoctane P F VG
Isopropyl alcohol VG VG VG
Kerosene F VG VG
Ketones VG G P
Lacquer thinners F G P
Lactic acid (85%) VG VG VG
Lauric acid (36%) F VG VG
Lineoleic acid P VG G
Linseed oil P VG VG
Maleic acid VG VG VG
Methyl alcohol VG VG VG
Methylamine F F G
Methyl bromide F G F
*Methyl chloride P P P
*Methyl ethyl ketone G G P
*Methyl isobutyl ketone F F P
Methyl methacrylate G G F
Monoethanolamine G VG VG
Morpholine VG VG G
Naphthalene F G G
Naphthas, aliphatic F VG VG
Naphthas, aromatic P G G
*Nitric acid F G F
Nitromethane (95.5%) P F F
Nitropropane (95.5%) P F F
Octyl alcohol VG VG VG
Oleic acid F VG VG
Oxalic acid VG VG VG
Palmitic acid VG VG VG
Perchloric acid (60%) F VG G
Perchloroethylene P F G
Petroleum distillates (naphtha) P G VG
Phenol F VG F
Phosphoric acid G VG VG
Potassium hydroxide VG VG VG
Propyl acetate F G F
Propyl alcohol VG VG VG
Propyl alcohol (iso) VG VG VG
Sodium hydroxide VG VG VG
Styrene P P F
Styrene (100%) P P F
Sulfuric acid G G G
Tannic acid (65%) VG VG VG
Tetrahydrofuran F P F
*Toluene P F F
Toluene disocyanate G F F
*Trichloroethylene F F G
Triethanolamine G VG VG
Tung oil P VG VG
Turpentine F G VG
*Xylene P P F

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Note: Conditions may vary. User should test the resistance of a product against the chemical before use. Tradex International, Inc. makes no warrants regarding the accuracy of the above information, and assumes no responsibility for a user’s glove selection.

Source: Personal Protective Equipment Program, The Office of Health and Safety Information System