Putting On and Taking Off Gloves


  1. Measure your hand using glove sizing chart before choosing a glove to reduce the potential for tearing.
  2. Thoroughly wash hands before donning gloves and after each glove change.
  3. Open glove at the cuff and extend opposite hand until thumb crotch is to the cuff of the glove.
  4. Once the hand is properly aligned in the glove, move yours fingers down into the glove’s fingers.
  5. Roll the cuff of the glove down the wrist until the glove is secure.
  6. Replace gloves frequently, including whenever changing tasks.


  1. Pull the glove from above the cuff upwards on the hand inside out to trap potential contaminants inside the used glove.
  2. Place the used glove into the palm of the opposite hand (which remains gloved).
  3. Repeat step 1 on the opposite hand, trapping the first glove inside the second.
  4. Discard gloves and wash hands.